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The diagnostic phase of your transmission repair service explained by our owner.

The moment your vehicle is in our Coral Springs Transmissions repair facility's, we promptly place floor mat covers inside your vehicle. This assures you that we do care about keeping your vehicle clean. We then assign one of our ASE Certified Mechanics to take your vehicle on a road test to evaluate and assess how the vehicle is performing and to pre-analyze the problematic issues. Once we complete the road test, a drive line diagnostic is performed by using computer scanners to identify any transmission error or malfunction codes in the vehicle's module.

The vehicle is then lifted on one of our lifts in order for the CST ASE Certified Mechanic to inspect the external components of the transmission including the external electrical connections and wiring, drive shaft, differentials, transfer case and axles. We will also look for any drivability issues that may pose any safety hazards for you or your family. As well help you in maintaining your vehicle and the health of your transmission. We complete a report on the findings to the Customer Service Manager along with recommendations for repair. Hector Fleitas, our Customer Service Manager will contact you in person or by telephone to explain the finding and what measures are needed to repair your transmission along with an estimate. No work will be performed without prior authorization from you the vehicle's owner. Once the issues have been thoroughly explained and you authorize the corrective measures from the estimate for the repair, your vehicle will go directly to the Automatic Transmission Repair Stage or the Manual Transmission Repair stage.

If our technician finds that he is unable to correct the transmission problem externally, that is without having to take down the transmission from the vehicle and go into the transmissions case, or if there is internal damage that cannot be identified, the manager will recommend the next step, which is the Inspection Stage.

A one year/12,000 mile warranty is provided on all automatic transmissions. Second opinions are available at no charge!
Coral Springs Transmissions is your one stop shop for all your transmission needs. Our ASE certified auto technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, and prepared to exceed your expectations. We provide prompt transmission service, quality workmanship and we take care of our customers. We are members of ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group).

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